Kathy Williams

First Church Family,
As I reflect on the past year, my heart is full of joy at the lives that have been touched, affected, and nourished through the ministry and witness of our church. It is such a humbling experience when we recognize that God has used our gifts to bear fruit in ways that we never imagined. Because of your generous giving, ministry, and faithful response, so many individuals were remembered and shown love.
Thank you for everything that you offered, shared, made, purchased and sacrificed that allowed our church to flourish and to share the gospel message. I would also like to share that because of your generous giving and overwhelming commitment, we have been able to pay 100% of our Mission Shares, which is a tremendous accomplishment. God has graciously blessed us and has empowered us to bless others. What a privilege it is to offer the transforming power of mission and love, as the body of Christ.
As we begin a new year, the words that come to mind are, “God is with us.” I celebrate this truth, and hope that you will as well. “For nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37).” May we ground ourselves in prayer and look forward to the new opportunities and new relationships that are promised, as we more fully embrace our loving and powerful God.
Peace and blessings,

               Pastor Kathy

First UMC Staff

Debra Matzke
Susan Mencl
Dolores Wright
Barbara Shea